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Auto Clave Prestige 2100 Medical Professional Grade

$ 1,099.00 USD

Prestige Medical 2100 Autoclave


2 Year Parts & Labor Warranty

Light, compact, portable and robust top loading autoclave

Fast, 11 minute, 126?C sterilizing cycle

Simple one step operation stars the automatic cycle

Light sequence indicators show "power to Unit' - Cycle in Progress' - "Cycle is Successful" or "Cycle has Failed"

Interlock system prevents the lid from being removed while pressure remains in the vessel

Two stage 'over pressure' protection system incorporating a calibrated pressure release valve and a gasket offset device

Extended life 'green' gasket lasts in excess of 750 cycles

Electronic detectors turn off the power if there is insufficient water

Thermal fuse to protect against overheating and electrical faults

For assurance of quality, each autoclave is computer tested and issed with a unique Performance Test Certificiate showing that the parameters for successful sterilization are met

Please contact your local, state, or federal health department about specifc requirements for sterilization in your area

Important Notice: This is a 120V unit and is not suitable for 240V outlests. 

Height 13.2"

Width:  13.4"

Chamber Diameter: 8.3"

Chamber Height:  9/3"

Maximum Load Weight 6.6 lbs

Maximum Instrument Size 9"

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