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ST-M70 Nagi Styling Chair by Takara Belmont

starting at $ 1,320.00 USD

Nagi (ST-M70)

Takara Belmont’s Nagi (means 'no wave' in Japanese) styling chair has been designed with exceptional comfort in mind. By employing advanced ergonomic principles to the design process the Nagi allows the client to sit with minimal pressure on the lower body and lumbar region; this is due to the placement and type of specialized foams in the seat cushion and back. By allowing the body to rest in a truly ergonomic position, and the adjustability of a hydraulic base, both the stylist and the customer can be equally comfortable.

Kita Ergo II Series "Nagi" styling chair with 217 footrest.

Many color options available:

Two-tone Options:

Black (NH5)/Titan Silver (CN25)

White(NH1)/Red Brown (NH10)

Maroon(NL25)/Ivory (NL2)

Olive Green(NH11)/Ivory(NL2)

And choice of grade vinyl.

Single Color Options:

White(NH1), Olive Green(NH11), Camel(NH9), Red Brown(NH110), Brown(NH8), Black(NH5).  And choice of grade vinyl.

Priced with Grade 1 Vinyl.
Grade 2 Vinyl Additional $99.00 per Chair
Grade 3 Vinyl Additional $124.00 per Chair

Click here for Takara Belmont Nagi styling chair vinyl color choices

Several Base options Available See Pricing below
Electric Base # E4C, 180, T7B, T8B, OR T9C available. Please call for pricing.

Optional Upgrades:
Euro Style Footrest $52.00
317 Foot Rest $52.00

KITA footrest $105.00

Leadtime: 4-6 Weeks

Shipping: $72.50 for 1 Unit. Call for multiple Units


Hydraulic Base, Electric Base & Reclining Mechanism

  • 5 years free relacement parts on hydraulic bases and
    reclining mechanisms
  • 3 years free replacement parts on electric bases and
  • After 1 year, charge for freight (both to and from)
  • After 5 years, charge for parts, freight (both to and
    from) and labor on hydraulic bases and reclining
  • After 3 years, charge for parts, freight (both to
    and from) and labor on electric bases and components

Upholstered Parts and Metal Parts

  • 1 Year free replacement for normal use
  • After 1 year, charge for parts and freight (both and
  • The upolstery manufactures cannot gauarantee against
    color fade, stain or change in appearance of
    materials and Takara Belmont cannot guarantee
    stock vinyls against these causes
  • For protection Takara Belmont recommends the use of
    plastic chair covers
  • Takara Belmont has no control over available or color
    matching qualities of upholstery materials, Bakelite,
    etc. as manufacturers of these products frequently
    discontinue or add colors and we are governed by the
    stocks which are available.


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